Linksys has a line of consumer-grade ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters) that are easy to deploy. This article is about setting them up with Teliax.

Note - Most of the Linksys family of ATAs and PBXs have very similar settings. The point of this article is to get your ATA or PBX trunked to Teliax for inbound and outbound SIP calls. This guide isn't intended for advanced setup of the ATA or PBX - that's beyond our scope of support.

First, you'll need to connect to the ATA.

- Connect your ATA to power and your network.
- Plug in a phone to the ATA.
- Pick up the phone and dial '*' (star) four times.
- You'll hear a menu. Press 110# to hear the IP address of the phone.
- Once you have the IP address, enter it in your computer's web browser.

Once you're connected, you can change all sorts of settings.

- Click on 'Admin Login' - there is no username or password by default.
- You're looking for 'Voice' or 'Line 1' to configure.

Enter some information.

- User ID: This is your Device username, found on the Dashboard.
- Password: The password associated with the Device, found on the Dashboard.
- Proxy: If you have a DID, set this to whichever Teliax proxy your DID is pointing to on the Dashboard. For outbound-only, you can use any of the Teliax proxies.

Click the Submit button. The device will restart, and should be connected to the Teliax network.

For more information on setting up your Linksys device, check out the Linksys Support Site at