Mitel MBG (call controller)/MAS (Application Suite) configurations require a few changes to work with Ivy.  To configure a Mitel system to work with Teliax, these are what need to be done.


Inbound -

Inbound calling should work as intended with standard Ivy Registration using the Ivy site name, username and password.


Outbound -

Outbound calling requires more work.  To make outbound calls:

1. The FQDN/Device name must be set to match the Ivy site name (eg. rather than a unique name.  Doing this sets the fromdomain or realm, which is required for outbound calls, as there is no way to manually change the "from domain". 

2. SDP in invite is not enabled by default in the Mitel system, so it must be enabled.  In the MBG we tested, to enable this you navigate to the SDP Options and enable the field marked "Force sending SDP in initial invite message" and this will turn on the SDP. 

We are not aware of these changes having any drastic effects on redundancy or call control between multiple locations at this time, due to the change in the FQDN/Device name.

We have verified the configuration on a Mitel Enterprise solution that used both on site and cloud connectivity.