All Calls Begin with "011" on Panasonic PBX caller ID? 

You've just hooked up a Panasonic PBX and have been receiving calls.The only problem is your caller ID shows all calls beginning with the numbers "011" when it should not. If this is the case you are looking to change the “Caller ID modification” setting within the PBX. Keep in mind that different models of Panasonic PBX may be presented differently though the idea is the same.The steps used are as follows.

  1. Login to your PBX.

  2. Find the "Trunk Groups" tab and click through to the menu.

  3. Navigate to "Local/International call data" and change to the correct value for your caller ID 

Want to know more about your PBX?

Though it is not possible for Teliax support to be trained on all the PBX software to date we don't mind documenting some advanced knowledge for you here in our help documents as we learn of it.You can find a lot more information online. If you need more advanced PBX configuration answers do a search engine inquiry for your PBX users manual, forums and mailing lists for answers to your PBX questions online.