The payment page allows you to make a payment and view your payment history.

Making a Payment

To get started, click the blue Manual Payment button. manual payment button

Manual Payment Page

You will provide a payment amount and select/click the 'Submit Payment' button to process your payment. The results of the payment will be displayed in the payments table. The payment method (credit card listed in the credit card section/table) with the highest priority will be used to make a payment/transaction. If multiple payment methods have the same priority, the payment method selection is based alphabetically.

Payment Result

Once you submit your manual payment, the result of the payment is displayed in the payment history table. The following result of the manual payment can be any of the following:

  • Approved:This transaction has been approved: This means that the manual payment has processed successfully
  • Error: Various error messages can appear if the manual payment is not processed and/or is not approved.
    • Error: The credit card number is invalid
    • Error: A duplicate transaction has been submitted
  • Denied: the following is a sample of an error message that results when the transaction is denied
    • Denied: The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder.

Payment History Table

The following information is provided in the payment history table:

  • Amount: The amount of the manual payment (e.g. $10.00)
  • Result: The result displays the status of the manual payment and whether or not the payment was processed successfully. Please reference the 'Payment Result' section above for more information. 
  • Payment Method: The payment method is the form in which the manual payment was made (e.g. credit card)
  • Time/date: This column displays the date and time the manual payment was made (e.g. 'Wed Nov 28 2018 09:34:12 GMT-0600 (CST)')