Users are individuals who, depending on the given permissions, interact, operate and utilize the IVY web portal and services. You can add a new user under the 'Account' umbrella of your web portal. Users have predefined roles, each with respective permissions and privileges.

users dashboard location .

Add New User 

Create a new user by selecting the 'Add New User' icon/button. You will be redirected to a page that requires you to fill out 'New User' information. The following information is required in order to create a new user: 

  • Active Toggle Button: The 'Active' status of new users is active (toggle button is switched on) by default. A user will be unable to proceed as a user and login to the account or system if their status is inactive (toggle button is switched to off). 
  • First Name (e.g. 'John')
  • Last Name (e.g. 'Doe')
  • Email (e.g. 
  • Instance and Template/Apply Template: The 'instance' drop down menu will list all the instances that the new user can be allocated to. Selecting a specific instance allocates the newly created user to specifically/solely accessing that instance. Once a user is allocated to an instance, you can create a seat in which features and a call flow is designated to the newly created user. Furthermore, when creating a new user, you can specify what calling features (e.g. 'Devices,' 'Conference Rooms,' 'Fax Machines,' etc.) and instance objects a user has access to within a given instance. 
  • Role: this is a drop down menu with two options:  
    • Administrator: An administrator has user privileges that a user does not. An administrator is able to perform the following: 
      • Access billing information like invoices and account activity 
      • Add or remove credit cards and make payments 
      • Add or change plans and resources 
      • User management (such as adding, editing and/or deleting a user) 
      • Instance administration (such as adding, editing/updating and/or deleting instances) 
      • Feature administration (such as adding, editing/updating and/or deleting features) 
    • User: A user has privileges to perform the following actions:
      • View account activity 
      • View instances 
      • force rebuild instances

User Configuration

An administrator can build a tailored instance for a specific user or provide access to certain features of an instance to the user by configuring the site via a template or extracting necessary features (e.g. 'phone number,' 'device,' 'ring group,' etc.) from an established instance. Instance allocation or assigning a desired template to a user can be done when creating a new user. The following fields must be initially filled/completed: 

  •  'Instance' drop down: The instance drop down menu lists the existing instances associated with the account. Select the instance you would like the new user to be associated with and select the 'Add' button. This will reallocate the selected feature in the features list and display it in the current list. 
  • Apply Template: If an administrator wants to apply an existing template to a new user, they are able to do so by performing the following steps: 
  1.  select the instance from the 'Instance' drop down menu. This will be the instance that will be associated with the user. Select the 'Apply Template' button and select the template of your choice from the template drop down menu. Once you have selected the desired template, select the 'Next' button in order to proceed to filling out the necessary call flow information. 
  2. After selecting the 'Next' button, you will be directed to the 'Setup Attributes' form/section. Enter the necessary call flow information. Each template, depending on the template setup, will have different call flow components and will (as a result) require different pieces of information. The following is a sample of the template information you would enter for the following template example (the template is titled 'Standard User' template):
  3. Once you have entered the necessary information, select the 'Finish' button. This will redirect you to the 'New User' form. 

Once you have the new user setup to your preferences, select the 'Save' button. This will redirect you to the main user page that lists all users as well as a high level overview of information regarding each user on the account.