The 'Organization' page allows you to make changes to your account profile information. An account's name and account profile components (e.g. email or address) can be viewed from a high level on this page. All actions including updating or editing key account information and opting to close your account are located under the 'Settings' section.

Edit Profile 

The organization page allows you to make edits to your organization's profile. The following information can be altered, edited and updated on the Edit Profiel Form, which you can access selecting/clicking the 'Edit Profile' button (reference visual above):

  • Name (e.g. 'John Doe Corporation')
  • Email (e.g.
  • Street (e.g. 123 45th Street)
  • City (e.g. Denver)
  • State/Province (please make sure to use state/province code e.g. 'CO' for Colorado)
  • Postal Code (e.g. 12345)
  • Contact number (with no dashes or parentheses e.g. 9131234567) 

You can either select the 'Save' button to save changes made to the organization's general information/profile or select the 'Cancel' button, which will refrain from making any changes to the information listed and redirect you to the main 'Organization' page. Changes, updates, and edits that were made and saved will appear on the main 'Organization' page.

Close My Account

    'Organization' is also the page where customers can close their account by clicking/selecting the 'Close My Account' button. When you select 'Close My Account,' a verification notification appears on the screen with the following message: “Are you sure you want to delete this? This can't be undone.” The close account request is completed by entering a verification code in a blank field. After entering this verification code, you will either select/click 'confirm delete' or 'cancel' ('cancel' will prevent the close account action from being completed/executed and you will be redirected to the 'Organization' page).

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