Horizontal and Vertical Menu Navigational Bar

    The following information provides a brief overview and description on the menu navigational bars and sub-menu items that can be used to perform various functions and actions in your account.

    There are two menu bars that enable you to navigate throughout your account: the horizontal menu navigational bar and the vertical menu navigational bar. 

1.) Horizontal Menu Navigational Bar: This is located on the top of the page. The visual below provides a description of the various options within this navigational bar. 

Manage Account:

  • Active status: Your status can be altered between active or inactive on this page by using the toggle button. An inactive user is unable to login or access the system
  • Basic user information: A user's 'First Name,' 'Last Name,' and 'Email' information can be edited and updated on the 'Manage Account' page. Once changes have been made in the respective fields (e.g. 'First Name' field), you can either select 'Save' to finalize changes or select 'Cancel' to terminate/abandon changes. 
  • 'Change Password': This enables you to change the password with which you login and access your account. Enter a new password, once in the 'New Password' and then again in the 'Confirm New Password' field. You can change your password in the following instances: 
    • Initial login to account: In order to login for the first time into your IVY account, you are provided with a temporary password. Upon initial login, it is imperative that you change your password (as the temporary password eventually expires).  
    • Resetting/changing your password for security reasons. 
    • If you forget your password and you initiate the 'Forgot Password' process, the email you receive in this process (titled 'Reset Password Instructions') provides you with a temporary password in order to login. This temporary password eventually expires. Therefore, once you are able to login with this temporary password, go to the 'Manage Account' section and create a new password. 

2.) Vertical Menu Navigational Bar: The vertical menu navigational bar allows you to navigate throughout the various options and functionalities of your account. These options and functionalities are categorized within three primary umbrellas: 'Account,''Billing,' and 'Instances.' The following lists and provides a description of the sub-menu items within each umbrella. Further description of what can be performed within each of these sub menu items are further elaborated in the IVY End User Documentation under the End User Documentation umbrella of the Solutions section on Freshdesk. 


  • Organization: You are able to edit/update account profile and preferences. Closing account options is also available here
  • Manage Plan: View current and available plans and packages here
  • Users: Administrative users can add or edit users here
  • Templates: On the 'Templates' page, you are able to create, edit and delete template(s) with all desired calling features
  • Recent Activities: Recent activities provide a brief, at a glance overview of recent statements, transactions and recent account activity
  • Call History: Provides call history records with the associated cost of each item/call history transaction


  • Payments: Recent payment transaction history is displayed here. The option to complete a manual payment is displayed on this page as well.  
  • Statements: Record of all account statements since the first billing cycle to present service interval. 
  • Credit cards: Displays all credit cards that are on account file. The option of adding a new credit card is available on this page. 

Accessing Home Page

Upon initial login of your account, you are directed to the home page.  When accessing another page using the menu bar or dashboard, there are three primary methods of coming back to the home page:

1.) Select the balance icon located on the top right hand corner of the horizontal navigational menu bar.
2.) Select the logo icon located on the top left hand corner fo the horizontal navigational menu bar.
3.) Select the dashboard icon located at the top of the vertical dashboard menu navigational bar.