Ivy relies heavily on DNS names.The DNS name is used when you or your customers access your portal (for example phone.mycompany.com.) This domain is also used for email notices sent from your portal. You can make changes to the DNS name which will be used immediately. You must create the proper NS DNS record before changing your domain.

You can also change the friendly name that is displayed next to the DNS name. This does not have any impact on the DNS name.

It's important to note that changes to your DNS name will be used immediately. You must first create the proper NS DNS records (not A/AAAA or CNAME, etc.) for your domain or subdomain. Nameservers are assigned when your domain is created or updated, and the nameservers for your domain will be displayed in your account.

Nameserver locations

Your nameservers can be found by logging in to your Partnership and clicking Settings. Nameservers are found under the Domain settings.

If you were using the subdomain "voice" like in our example above, your NS records would look like this:

  • voice IN NS ns-849.awsdns-42.net
  • voice IN NS ns-1946.awsdns-51.co.uk
  • voice IN NS ns-96.awsdns-12.com
  • voice IN NS ns-1078.awsdns-06.org

ATTENTION: These settings are provided as an example. All partnerships have their own specific name servers displayed on the Account Settings. Make sure you use the name servers specified on your account, or your web portal and customer calls will fail!