Teliax LNP Business Rules

For Teliax Colorado (SPID 567G) and Teliax Toll-Free (NEX01/NEX99)

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
08:00 - 17:00 MT (GMT-7/DST-6)

Teliax observes the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day - Jan 1st

  • Memorial day - May 25th

  • Independence Day - Jul 4th

  • Labor Day - Sept 7th

  • Thanksgiving - Nov. 26th/27th

  • Christmas - Dec. 24th/25th

  • New Year's Eve - Dec. 31st

Response intervals

Requests for non-simple ports received before 13:00 will be processed within 24 hours.
Requests for simple ports or CSR received before 13:00 will be processed within 4 hours.
All requests received after 13:00 will receive response by 12:00 the following business day.
Toll-free requests received after 16:00 are considered recevied on the following business day.

Contact information

Teliax Number Portability (ticketing system)
+1-303-629-8300 opt 4


All escalations, including out of service conditions should be directed to:
April Jones

Domestic - Teliax Colorado (SPID 567G)

Requesting CSR

Teliax provides simple CSR (Customer A/N, Service Address, elements required to complete a simple port) upon request. The NSP must have end user authorization on-file.

CSR Process

  • NSP obtains signed LOA dated within past 30 days from end user

  • NSP sends email to with subject line CSR Request and indicating end user authorzation has been obtained

  • Teliax will process CSR request and will provide a response within 24 hours

Submitting LSR

Valid LSR and end-user authorization is required.

SIMPLE PORT LSR can be completed online.

LSR Process

  • NSP obtains signed LOA dated within past 30 days from end user

  • NSP sends LSR to and indicates end user authorzation has been obtained

  • Teliax will process LSR and provide an FOC with due date or rejection within 24 hours

Required information on the LSR:

  • LSR should conform to FCC standards with all required and applicable fields completed.

  • LSRs emailed to Teliax should have the PON and End User name in the subject line.

  • For project ports, include "PROJECT" in the subject line.

Your LSR may be rejected if:

  • LSR is incorrectly formatted

  • End user information does not match Teliax customer account records

  • ZIP (or service address) does not match

  • NSP does not have end user authorization

Teliax will reject LSRs that do not provide sufficient information to process the disconnect order internally.

Requested due date

  • Simple ports: 1 business day

  • Complex ports: 4 business days

  • Project ports: 5 business days

Changes to requested due date must be made via a SUPP indicating a change to the RDD. SUPPs for RDD on simple ports will be accepted up until 9:00 (MT) on Day 1 (porting date.)

Supplemental orders

SUPP orders are required for any changes in due dates or times or corrections/updates to information provided on the original LSR. SUPP orders may impact a previously-issued FOC.

Cancellation requests

Teliax accepts cancellation of orders via SUPP with Cancel indication (in REMARKS) unless within 4 hours of SV due date.

Expedite requests

Expedites are granted on a case-by-case basis. To request an expedite, email with your PON and reference any existing correspondence. Per ATIS LSR, expidites are only allowed on non-simple ports.

Project requests

Any LSR consisting of 50 or more porting numbers is considered a project. Both Teliax and the NSP will coordinate project details, including due date. The requested due date for a project port must be at least 5 business days. After project approval, Teliax will respond with FOC and due date. All LSRs submitted as projects are subject to normal LSR validation.

Subscriptions and concurrence

Please ensure subscriptions are built in NPAC at least 18 hours (T1/T2 Long) prior to your FOC. Teliax does provide concurrence and prefers to build a corresponding subscription. SV Release will be built at the time FOC is issued.

If preferred by the NSP, Teliax does allow NPAC T1/T2 timer expiry (also known as auto-concurrence) for create records. Teliax supports medium timers for simple ports (3 hours). Please indicate your request for timer expiry concurrence on your LSR and be sure your SVs are built with enough time to allow for timer expiry (at least 18 hours).

Teliax does NOT provide CHC (Coordinated Hot Cut) or Ten Digit Trigger support.


Per NPAC guidelines, SVs may NOT be activated prior to FOC issued with date/time. Teliax will attempt to contact the NSP if the SV has not been activated within 24 hours of the due date. SVs that have not been activated within 3 days will be canceled to avoid out-of-service conditions.

Toll Free (RespOrgs NEX01 and NEX99)

Submitting a Resp Org Change Request

A valid Change Request and supporting documentation (LOA) is required to process Toll Free RespOrg change requests.

Change Request Requirements

  • New RespOrg ID

  • List of numbers to port to new RespOrg

  • Request date

  • Contact information for RespOrg changes

Change requests should be submitted along with supporting documentation to Change requests will receive a response and release or rejection within 3 business days of receipt. Requests received after 16:00 MT will be considered received on the following business day.

Change Request Release

If the change request is approved, the requestor will be notified with a response via email unless an email address was not provided, in which case no notification will be sent to the new RespOrg from Teliax. SMS/800 may send change notification to the new RespOrg.

Change Request Rejection

If the supporting documentation does not match or if the number is not to be ported, for whatever reason, the requesting RespOrg will be notified with the appropriate SNAC rejection code(s).

SNAC Rejection Codes

  • 01 - Customer Name mismatch or missing

  • 02 - Address mismatch or missing

  • 03 - Contact/Customer signature missing

  • 04 - Toll-free Shared or Bundled

  • 05 - Customer signature date missing or exceeds 30 days

  • 06 - Sent to wrong RespOrg

  • 07 - Toll Free Number not listed on request

  • 08 - All data mismatch

  • 09 - LOA missing or linking Reseller/Subscriber LOA missing

  • 11 - Illegible LOA

  • 12 - More recent LOA

  • 15 - Unauthorize contact/customer signature