Does Your PBX Lose Connectivity Over The Weekend ?


Have you made the realization that your PBX loses the ability to receive incoming calls after your PBX system sets unused for some period of time? It is very common for Teliax to receive technical support tickets at the beginning of the week for this. In this article we will discuss why this happens and how to fix it. 

 The Registration Timeout

Your PBX is up and working correctly and everything seems to be running smoothly only for you to return from the weekend or a long office vacation to find that you stopped receiving calls at some point. Usually this is caused by the fact your PBX sends its registration with a timeout value that expires and does not get resent for some reason. It can be due to the PBX going into a sleep state during those periods of inactivity. 

The Teliax "Contact IP" Setting

The contact IP can be set with in your Ivy account to allow Teliax servers to know where to contact you with out our PBX sending registration. For many of the Teliax users this solves the problem without them having to dig through the massive amounts of configuration files within the users PBX. 

How Do I Set It?

There are just a few steps to get your contact IP set in your Ivy account as follows.

  1. First sign in to your account

  2. Find "sites" on the bottom left of the screen and click it

  3. Your sites will appear right below that. Find the site in question and click on it

  4. Find the effected SIP trunk setting and click "edit" to the right of it.

  5. Look for the from field for "Contact IP" and enter your IP and the port like

The IP you use will need to be your IP not the one in the example above. You will need to know the IP and port to use in order to set it but once you do your issue with loosing registration should be resolved.